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WAK JAPAN’s “Home visit & Tea” on TRAVEL AGE WEST

June 15, 2010

For 40 years, TravelAge West has been the trusted voice of the travel industry in the West. With our award-winning writing and design, our publication brings the best of travel to life for our readers. The magazine’s first-hand, on-site reports and fresh destination coverage is a valued resource for travel age readers. WAKJAPAN’s Home visit & Tea Ceremony programs were introduced to allow travelers a chance to deeply immerse themselves in Japanese culinary culture! Click here for the on-line coverage.

Japan Times

March 09, 2010

WAKJAPAN’s activities at the new office (Machiya traditional house) and Michi Ogawa (Director of WAKJAPAN) has been introduced on Japan Times (both on the internet and on the print)
Click here for the same article on the internet.

New York Times

March 02, 2008

The art and Ordeal of Kimono

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Sharing art (Managine called VICTORIA)

July 20, 2002

The beauty of Michi Ogawa (CEO) trying to maintain Japanese tradition

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