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Chanoyu Karuta

What’s Chanoyu Karuta?

WAK JAPAN has introduced various Japanese traditions since 1997. Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) is one of the traditions that mostly stir the interest of foreigners. We have been offering the tea program in our unique way with the hope that the guests can keep a pleasant memory, feeling a deep connection with Japanese culture.
This time we have thought about a new way to spread Japanese culture, and published Chanoyu Karuta with brief comments about Tea ceremony in English, accompanied by illustrations.
The viewpoint of the specialist might not be sufficient, yet we would appreciate if you considered our desire to spread the Japanese heart.

About Karuta

“Karuta” is derived in 16th century from the Portuguese word “carta”, meaning cards. Two games, Japanese Kai-awase (a game played in 9th century, pairing the two pieces of a clamshell) and a card game originally in Europe, mixed and became the present game in 17th century. Nowadays, Karuta with various themes have been published and enjoyed at home in Japan.
We hope that foreign visitors will recall their experiences of Chanoyu through this karuta game, and share the heart of Japan with many others.

How to buy

Contents : 44 picture cards and 44 text cards
Size of card : 105mm × 74mm

Price : 2,000 yen (tax included).

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