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For business travelers, participants in conferences, incentive travels, spouse programs, WAK JAPAN has a wide variety of programs to offer.

Having WAK JAPAN’s programs included in itineraries makes conferences or incentive travels far more enjoyable and memorable.

Services for group programs

WAK JAPAN has dealt with numerous groups programs. By utilizing past experiences, WAK JAPAN is able to make suggestions as to what programs are suitable to each of groups. WAK JAPAN can arrange almost any kinds of cultural experiences that one might think of: tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Kendo(Japanese fencing), Karate, Sake tasting, Kimono-wearing, Origami, cooking, Taiko(drum) beating, etc. As for venues, from a simple community hall to world cultural heritage class temples, WAK JAPAN can arrange all kinds of places depending on the budget of a group.

Examples of our past corporate customers

WAK JAPAN arranged interpreters to Japan Culinary Fellowship 2009

The “Japanese Culinary Fellowship” was held in Kyoto in late November/early December. Four young and upcoming world-class chefs from Finland, Denmark, and USA came to Kyoto to learn about Japanese cuisine. WAKJAPAN arranged the 1stclass interpreters and greatly contributed to this week long event.

Sushi making lesson from a professional Chef!

Enjoy Sushi making lesson!
WAK JAPAN arranged a lesson for a small group from Hungary. Really enjoyable!

IMC International Monetary Conference

IMC(International Monetary Conference) 2009 was held in Kyoto, Japan, and WAKJAPAN was actively involved in many aspects to make the 2009 conference a big suceess

An incentive tour group from Australia

WAK JAPAN handled a group of 250 customers having come to Japan as an incentive travel by offering them opportunities to enjoy Kimono-wearing, tea ceremony, and Taiko-beating at the same time (50 customers per experience.)

New product launch party by a camera manufacturer

For a world famous camera manufacturer planning to do a new product launch in traditional Japanese atmosphere, WAK JAPAN arranged some maiko ladies, samurai warriors, and monks in addition to a tea ceremony at a world famous temple in Kyoto. A very positive feedback was received.

Short Culture Program at Machiya House

Program Time 1pax 2pax 3pax / more
1. Tea Ceremony 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
2. Calligraphy 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
3. Origami 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
4. Kimono Wearing 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
5. Koto Playing 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
6. Bamboo flute playing 1h \5,500 \4,500 \3,500
7. Flower Arrangement 1h \6,500 \5,500 \4,500
8.Japanese language with text 1h \6,500 \5,500 \4,500
9. Paper or fabric Craft 1h \6,500 \5,500 \4,500
10. Fabric Craft 1h \6,500 \5,500 \4,500

You can join the program between 10:00 and 17:00 every day including weekends.
The place of Machiya House(Waku Waku Kan) : 761 Tenshu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Access Map :
Reservation : Please contact us from 9:30 to 17:30 on Monday to Friday. TEL : 075-212-9993
Cancellation charges : 20%(2 days before), 60%(previous day), 100%(on the program day)