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This website (herein after ”Site”) is the property of WAK JAPAN. By accessing and/or browsing this website, you agree to be bound by the following conditions.

Privacy Policy

  1. We may use your personal information to periodically contact you with news or important information from WAK JAPAN, or to provide you with other information. You will be offered an opportunity to choose not to receive such promotional e-mail messages in the future.
  2. WAK JAPAN cooperates with legal authorities, and may in some circumstances be required to disclose personally identifiable information in response to requests from law enforcement authorities. We don’t expect this to happen, but if it does, we will provide only the information required.
  3. This privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Pricing and Conditions

WAK JAPAN tries our best to keep the Site as updated as possible, but the program prices, contents, or conditions may be changed at any moment due to unavoidable reasons and the Site may not be updated immediately. We always encourage you to contact us (before booking) to get the most updated information on prices, conditions, etc.

Ownership and Copyright

  1. Except as otherwise indicated, the Site, and all text, graphics, images, marks, logos are the proprietary property of WAK JAPAN, are protected by Japan copyright laws.
  2. At the photo gallery, we allow our partners to access to images. Upon receipt of requests, we authorize them to use these images by providing passwords to access to images, but that is only for promoting WAK JAPAN programs through their media and no images can be used for any other purposes.


  1. Although non-exclusive, we are happy for you to create a text hyperlink to the Site, provided such link does not portray WAK JAPAN or any of its products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory. You may not use a WAK JAPAN logo or other proprietary graphic of WAK JAPAN to link to the Site without our written permission.
  2. The Site has the page of “Links” where you can find links to third parties. This is solely to provide you with any information you may find interesting or convenient, but WAK JAPAN is not responsible for reviewing changes or updates. It is always best to directly contact the third parties to obtain the most updated information.

Credit card information

To guarantee your booking, we ask you to provide us with your card or other payment method information. We will inform you when we need to ask you to give us such information via email, fax, or phone. We will then discuss how safely such information can be transmitted to us. WAK JAPAN cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences arising from transmitting such information from you without prior discussion with us.