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Why wak

WAK JAPAN was founded in order for the founder, Michi Ogawa’s strong will to promote grass-root level international exchange and to provide highly skilled housewives with opportunities to demonstrate their skills to this society.

What Michi found most memorable in her few years overseas was chances to meet with local people rather than stunning views or gorgeous architectures.

However, in the mid-90’s in Japan, there were not enough chances for housewives to demonstrate their abilities due to old-age and insufficient career experiences.

It has been 12 years since the company was established, and now we see over 100 women are actively working for WAK JAPAN. We continue to provide these excellent housewives with chances to introduce Japanese culture to overseas visitors.

WAK JAPAN can most flexibly address a variety of our customers’ needs.

  1. You can visit Local residents’ traditional house which foreign travelers cannot normally access to. Professionals in tea ceremony and flower arrangement, etc. directly give you instructions. You will be able to experience contact with local people (Kyoto, Tokyo), too.
  2. We can offer a wide variety of programs: from a typical programs such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, to other not-very-common ones such as home-cooking, paper craft, Koto playing, sake-tasting, Taiko(drum) beating, and Kendo (Japanese fencing).
  3. Our short course programs take many customers (normally up to 10 people). It can be a good opportunity for customers from different parts of the world to share a program.
  4. By utlizing WAK JAPAN’s local network with places of historic interests, WAK JAPAN can arrange visits to temples/shrines which are not normally open to the public.
  5. WAK JAPAN continues to provide more interesting programs by encouraging many places which have been primarily for domestic visitors to open to foreigners as well.

Why WAK JAPAN can provide high quality cultural experiences?

Why WAK JAPAN can provide high quality cultural experiences?