WAK JAPAN’s Attendants

Instructors and Attendants -The WAK JAPAN's Pride

WAK JAPAN’s instructors and attendants are local experts,
all deeply knowledgeable about their field and passionate about supporting travellers.
Based on one of the philosophies of the Way of Tea,
Ichigo-Ichie, they offer creative and memorable culture experiences for each customer,
creating unique and precious moments shared by the customers and instructors alike.

Here are just some of the approximately 50 attendants we are proud of:


Yoshie Yamamoto

Tour attendant

Living abroad for 5 years and travelling to many countries and regions gave me an opportunity to really get to know diverse people and cultures.
As a certified tour guide, I love sharing my passion for local food and its culture, as well as Sake.
Let's explore the Sake world in depth with a Sake Sommeliere.

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Mineko Jinbo

Traditional culture experience

In calligraphy program, you make full concentration to draw every single line and your letter is born.
Letters have meanings.
Enjoy cool and unique experience in calligraphy.

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Mieko Nomura


As DASHI (broth stock) is most important for WASHOKU (Japanese cuisine), first I teach how to make it.
Using the Japanese unique cooking utensils such as a wooden tub for making sushi rice and a square pan for rolling eggs, I always do my best not only to make pleasant WASHOKU cooking but also to introduce the culture of WASHOKU to visitors from overseas.

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Asuka Adachi

Traditional culture experience

Everytime I meet our guests, I make it a custom to refer to the connection between the traditional culture and our modern life.
Then that leads to an understanding of Japanese people and society.
At the end of the program, guests show me a smile with satisfaction. Those smile encourages me a lot.

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