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Sake Tasting at a traditional Sake Brewery


Enjoy Sake tasting!

You can choose this program at Horino Memorial Museum, a former sake brewery, which used to produce one of the highest quality sake brands in Japan or at Matsui Shuzo, a modern style sake brewery.
You can enjoy the tour (in English) of the traditional townhouse architecture or facilities in brewery then sample a few glasses of sake with different alcohol content at the cafe corner in the storehouse!



A: Horino Memorial Museum - available on Thu, Fri, Sat.
B: Matsui Shuzo - available on Thu, Fri, Sat.

*Please understand that due to unforeseen circumstances reservations might not be possible.


5,600 yen/PSN for the group with more than 2 people.
(6,048 yen including 8% tax)

7,600 yen for an individual.
(8,208 yen including 8% tax)

Cancellation charge:
7 days to 2 days before 20%
Previous day 60%
On the program day 100%


Access map to WAK JAPAN

Sake Tasting at a traditional Sake Brewery In the house you can enjoy a traditional WAK JAPAN in the 5-minute walk from the south end of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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