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Maiko Transformation in Gion

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Wouldn’t you like to become a Maiko in Gion?


WAK JAPAN provides you with a wonderful dreamlike time to be a Maiko in Gion.
Our attendant takes you to a traditional tea house at Gion from your accommodation by car.
A professional kimono stylist will change you into a Maiko using genuine costumes used by real Maikos.
The whole process takes about two hours and a half including applying full-makeup and wig and being dressed in kimono.
Accompanying gentlemen can wear a samurai kimono upon request. (optional plan)



Please allow 2.5 hours at a townhouse for changing to kimono, make-up and photography in a Japanese tea house in Gion.


200,000 yen
Additional fee is needed if your partner or friends attend the same program with you. (¥50,000/person for Maiko transform. ¥37,000/person for the formal kimono.)

Price includes the following:
1. Special Maiko kitsuke (arrange kimono) and makeup by professional stylist
2. The room charge of Japanese tea house in Gion
3. RT transfer between your hotel and Gion
4. Interpreter (English - Japanese)

(Optional plan)
1. Photo taking by a professional photographer (40, 000 yen)
2. Kitsuke (arrange kimono) for your partner or friends


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In case of Kimono wearing, please advise us of the height for all of you.In case of Cooking,please advise if you cannot eat any foods/material due to health reason (e.g. allergy).

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