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Paper Craft at a Local Home(With Taxi Transfers)

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Why not enjoy making flat baskets, plates or boxes with colorful Japanese paper?

Your instructor will kindly tell you how to make them. Your can take your craft back home.

What you can enjoy in this program

1000 years have past since the 1st Japanese novel was published. This is amazing partly because Japanese people started writing novels in such an early period but mainly because Japanese paper has contributed to the long-existence of the novel. Traditional Japanese paper called WASHI is beautiful and strong. It can last as long as several hundreds years. By using this traditional Japanese paper, you can enjoy making baskets, plates, or boxes with a kind advise from instructor.


  1. Your attendant pick you up to your hotel lobby.

    Paper Craft

  2. You move to your instructor’s house with the attendant by chartered taxi.
    The attendant introduce many things, basic information about Kyoto and Japan.
    Note: We may have to use public transportation, depending on the location of your hotel or your instructor’s house.
  3. Arrive at the house, and start the experience.
    As you arrive at the house, your instructor meet you. She/He introduces about her/himself firstly, your introduction, and then start a basic lecture about a history of Japanese paper crafts.
  4. Let’s try to make your own work with your teacher’s kind advice/support. Let us know what you would like to make before the program.
  5. Your taxi comes to the house. You leave your instructor’s house and go back to your hotel with the attendant.
    Note: We may have to use public transportation, depending on the location of your hotel or your instructor’s house.



2.5 hours
Including round-trip taxi transfers


14,600 yen/PSN for the group with more than 2 people.
(15,768 yen including 8% tax)

19,600 yen for an individual.
(21,168 yen including 8% tax)

1. Extra charge will be required for the program outside business hours (Our business hours: 09:30-18:30)
2. Programs will be shortened if customers are late for the meeting time due to personal reasons.
3. We may have to use public transportation, depending on the location of your hotel.
4. Maximum: approximately 9 people (Customers may be divided into several groups depending on the number)
5. No discount for children.
6. Other foreign language speaking staff than English can be arranged at an extra charge.
7. Observers will be charged a full price as well.


Optional programs are on offer!

In addition to the above main program of " Paper Craft at a Local Home(With Taxi Transfers) ",
The following optional programs are on offer.

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