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Japanese book binding @ WAKJAPAN

Japanese bookbinding, an easy and great way to make your own books and journals.

It only requires a few tools. This technique is simpler than it looks, and  is also great way for you  to repair a book that has a damaged spine. By mastering this technique, you can create your own one-off original book!




What you can enjoy in this program

Japan is proud of being able to keep the world’ s oldest novel “Tale of Genji” written some 1,000 years ago, and this largely attributes to the durability of Japanese paper.

In this program, our book binding teacher will explain about Washi (Japanese paper) and its history. Then you can learn traditional bookbinding and make your own  notebook. The instructor will show you various artistic ways of bookbinding & stitches such as Yotsume (lit. four eyes), Kikko (Tortoise shell shape), and Kikka (chrysanthemum flower shape). Select your own favorite paper and bind a book yourself using thread instead of glue. You can use the notebook as diary, photo-book, etc.



1-1.5 Hour


5,600 yen/PSN for the group with more than 2 people.
(6,048 yen including 8% tax)

7,600 yen for an individual.
(8,208 yen including 8% tax)

※Cancellation Charges
7-2 days before: 20%
Previous day: 60%
On the program day: 100%


Access map to WAK JAPAN

Japanese book binding @ WAKJAPAN In the house you can enjoy a traditional WAK JAPAN in the 5-minute walk from the south end of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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