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Fushimi Inari Visit and Sake-Tasting (Tour)


What you can enjoy in this program

Enjoy the guided walk through the awesome thousands of red torii gates in Inari Shrine. Then take a train to go down to a sake brewery to enjoy learning sake brewing process and sample a few small cups of sake. Further 10 minute walking will lead to a small sake shop with 10 seat counter offering over 80 kinds of freshly bottled sake.

You will be offered 3 kinds of sake (dry, sweet). Then we walk through the covered shopping street lined with lots of interesting local stores.

Procedure (9:00 – 12:30, on THU and SAT.)

  1. 9:00 Our staff will meet you in front of  ”Railway Police”, located next to “SHINKANSEN  HACHIJO GATE JR KYOTO STATION”.
  2. We will take the JR train leaving Kyoto at for Inari station.
  3. Arrive at Inari station. Then walk 10 minute to the back of the main building where you find a hiking route lined with thousands of red torii gates. The most beautiful part with smaller gates where memoirs of the geisha was shot can be reached rather easily. Our staff will explain about things you see along the route.
  4. At 10:30, after Fushimi inari visit, we move on to the sake brewery visit. Take a 15 minute train ride and go to Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Hall where you can see the traditional brewing process and a brief company history. At the end of the visit, we will be offered three kinds of sake for sampling.
  5. At 11:45, 10 more minute walk will lead you to a small liquor shop. This shop has a long counter with about 10 seats and boasts more than 80 kinds of sake for you to choose from! Then the shop owner give you a very in-depth talk on sake. (Please note that this shop closes on Tuesdays with some irregular holidays. Please check with us when you book/inquiry)
  6. Then we start walking through the very lively local shopping arcade (covered). You can find lots of interesting items which may not be seen at around tourist destinations. Around 12:00, we reach the nearest train station. Our staff will come to JR Kyoto station where the tour disbands.

NOTE: The liquor shops normally closes on Tuesdays and with a few irregular holidays. In such cases, we will substitute the liquor shop visit with other brewery, etc.



3.5 hours
The tour is conducted at THU and SAT. from 9:00 to 13:00.
You can book the tour at other times with an additional fee.


10,600 yen/PSN for the group with more than 2 people.
(11,448 yen including 8% tax)

17,000 yen for an individual.
(18,360 yen including 8% tax)

Price includes: Travel costs from/to JR Kyoto station, English speaking staff, Entry to Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Hall, and a liquor shop for further sake-tasting.
1. It is possible to arrange other foreign language interpreter than English with extra charge. Please ask for details.
2. Children will be offered soft drinks instead of Sake. Full price is charged to children as well.
3. The small liquor shop closes at Tuesday and some irregular holidays. We will then substitute this with other brewery, etc.
4. If you would like to try only Sake tasting within Kyoto city, we recommend the Sake tasting program near Wak Japan office. The price is from 5,800 yen/psn.

※Cancellation Charges
7-2 days before: 20%
Previous day: 60%
On the program day: 100%


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