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Gion Walk & Dinner with Maiko

What you can enjoy in this program

Hiring a maiko or a geisha is popular but a very expensive high-class traditional form of entertainment. For a private viewing of Maiko and Geisha itself is highly priced plus you would have to dine at a room at a Japanese haute-cuisine restaurant with a stage on which maiko/geisha dances. Furthermore, even if someone can afford to hire them, one is not always welcome. In fact many places in Kyoto would not do business with anyone totally new. One would have to be introduced by one of their regular guets. We call this system “ICHIGEN-SAN OKOTOWARI”(Regular recognized customer only).

However, we are pleased to tell you that our close relationship with the flower town makes it possible for you to briefly meet with a maiko for about one hour over a light dinner (tempura, sushi and some small dishes).

The tour starts with 1.5 to 2 hour walking tour of the Gion, a district associated with Maikos/Geikos in Kyoto. Our tour guide can explain to you about the history of Maiko/Geiko as well as the tradtional wooden structures in the area. After learning about Maiko/Geiko, we will go to a Japanese restaurant where a maiko is waiting for you. Over a light dinner you can ask questions to Maiko about what she wears or her daily life. You can even take some photos with the genuine Maiko. There are a few restaurants where customers can enjoy PUBLIC VIEWING of Maiko/Geiko : a large audience sharing the moment with a Maiko/Geiko.

But This is probably the most reasonably priced program which makes your dream of “meeting with a Maiko in a small group” come true!


Tour Schedule (13:30 – 17:00)

  1. Contact us by using our BOOK/INQUIRY form with your preferred date(s). Then we will see if a Maiko is available on your intended date and come back to you. If you are happy with the date, please guarantee your payment Then we will issue a CONFIRMATION.
  2. 13:30 Please be at the Starbucks Gion (the 1st floor of APA hotel Gion). Our English speaking tour leader comes to meet with you and take you around the Gion Area on foot and give you lots of commentary on things you see in this area as well as on history of Maiko or Geisha.

    15:45 Depart for near-by Japanese restaurant on foot.

  3. 15:50 Arrive at the Japanese restaurant and proceed to the dining room. Settle down and order some drinks (optional and paid by customers). A dinner will be served. Then wait for a Maiko to come in.
  4. 16:00 A maiko comes to meet with you. She will dance along a music (recorded music). Then she will come to entertain you by answering any questions you wish to take.
    You can take photos/Moving Images of Maiko anytime, either alone or with yourself. Our English speaking interpreter will help you communicate with a Maiko
  5. 17:00 The Maiko leaves you and you can finish your early dinner. Tour disbands here.
    You can take a bus or a taxi to go back to your hotel. Our guide is happy to help you to take a bus or a taxi.



3.5 hours (including 1 hour light evening meal with a Maiko)


29,600 yen per person based on 2 persons (31,968 yen including 8% tax)
23,000 yen per person based on 3 persons (24,840 yen including 8% tax)
18,600 yen per person based on 4 persons (20,088 yen including 8% tax)

Please contact us

Price includes:
1. Guided walk of Gion (or other area if you wish)
2. Travel cost from Gion to a Japanese style restaurant (by taxi or by buses or on foot)
3. Visit to a former geisha's studio
4. Early evening meal
5. Maiko 1 hour

IMPORTANT: A dinner at a high class restaurant (used by a Hollywood celebrity) starts at 4PM. It is better to have a very light and early lunch or you can even skip a lunch.

※Cancellation Charges
15-8 days before: 20%
7-3 days before: 40%
2 days before:50%
Previous day: 70%
On the program day: 100%


  • 1.Please enter necessary information and your request in the form.
  • 2.Once we receive your inquiry, we will respond within 48 hours.
  • 3.If we have availability, we will give you confirmation sheet by email.
  • 4.We will confirm your booking after charging the program fee on your credit card.

Please NOTE:

Your credit card will be charged once we confirm your purchase. If you change or cancel your booking request, charges may apply. Please contact us immediately.

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In case of Kimono wearing, please advise us of the height for all of you.In case of Cooking,please advise if you cannot eat any foods/material due to health reason (e.g. allergy).

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