Extensive Cultural Experience Course 5hours


 A reasonably-priced course of 6 shared group programs aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture during your stay. It would be an ideal experience for short-trip traveler as well as for the second-time visitors.  (This is a group shared program, not a private one.)

 The course includes: 
1. Tea ceremony 2. Kimono wearing 3. Calligraphy 4. Origami
5. Japanese cooking (Rolled sushi, Obanzai or Teriyaki chicken)


・Total Time required approx 7h
・Program Fee
 :44,000 yen/person for 1 person(include tax)
 :27,500 yen/person for 2 people or more(include tax)

*Please make a reservation beforehand two weeks ago.

Notes on reservation

1. The activity time may be shorter if you arrive late. 
2. Max group size: approximately 9 people (A large group may be divided into multiple smaller groups) 
3. The same rate applicable to more than 4 year-old child.
For children under 3 years old, we may be able to make arrangements privately so please contact us for further information.
4. Interpreting services for languages other than English are available upon request. (An additional fee is required.) 
5. A full charge is required for an observer. 

*Please contact us for details of the cancellation policy.
Any change of time or day will be subjected to cancellation policy