Firstly, we walk around a famous shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha with thounsands of red
shinto gates equipped on Mt. Inari.  After that, a WAK attendant will take you to the Fushimi sake district.
You can learn about the history of sake and how to brew it, along with a sake tasting at
a sake museum. Then, walk toward the Fushimi shopping district.
At the liquor shop located in the center of the district, you can taste sake you like from
80 kinds of sake. 

You can enjoy an eco-friendly tour with local sake as well as with off the beaten track.


・Walk through the red torii tunnels of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.
・Visit a sake museum then move to a liquor shop for a few cups of sake tasting.
・You can choose 3 cups of sake from 80 kinds of sake.
・Time required approx 3.5 h.
・Available time: 9:00~, 13:30~

*Please make a reservation beforehand 1 week ago.

Notes on reservation

1. The activity time may be shorter if you arrive late.
2. Max group size: approximately 6 people (A large group may be divided into multiple smaller groups)
3. The same rate applicable to more than 4 year-old child.
4. Interpreting services for languages other than English are available upon request. (An additional fee is required.)
5. A full charge is required for an observer.

*Please contact us for details of the cancellation policy.
Any change of time or day will be subjected to cancellation policy.