You can choose the kind of kimono from Casual, Semi-formal or Formal. Please refer to the following description on each kimono.

Casual Kimono

Available for any occasions and places except some formal events.
Number of people: 1 15,400yen
Number of people: 2Price per person 7,700 yen

Formal Kimono (private program)

Made in silk. Long sleeves called Furisode for women and Hakama, divided skirt and Haori, formal half-coat for men. For special events such as the coming-of-age day, graduation ceremonies or wedding parties.
Number of people: 1  19,800 yen
Number of people: 2 Price per person 11,000 yen

Notes on reservation

1. The activity time may be shorter if you arrive late. 
2. Max group size: approximately 8 people (A large group may be divided into multiple smaller groups) 
3. The same rate applicable to more than 4 year-old child.
4. Interpreting services for languages other than English are available upon request. (An additional fee is required.) 
5. A full charge is required for an observer. 

*Please contact us for details of the cancellation policy.
Any change of time or day will be subjected to cancellation policy.