This is a WAK JAPAN’s new walk tour featuring fermented Japanese seasoning such as shoyu soy sauce and miso as well as sake. The WAK’s tour guide takes you to popular shops of shoyu and miso located west next to Kyoto Imperial old Palace and explains their history and especially the great role of Koji yeast. 

After the shops, let’s go to WAK JAPAN’s machiya house through the Imperial park at which you can enjoy many kinds of seasonal flower and plants. 

At the house, finally, you can taste snacks with fermented seasonings along with 3 kinds of sake. Also we prepare healthy smoothie containing sake-kasu lees. 

During the tour, you must be surprised to know how the Japanese particular yeast, Koji gives us healthy and anti-aged idea of life as well as raising the taste of food. Also this tour includes some souvenir from a miso shop and a shoyu shop as well! Have a fun!!


・The tour is conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. (2.5 hours)

14:00 Meet at Wakwak-kan and move on to the miso shop by taxi, then walk to the shoyu shop.
15:30 Back to Wakwak-kan on foot through the Imperial park.
           Sake and Food tasting
16:30 Finish at Wakwak-kan

*Please make a reservation beforehand 1 week before.


Notes on reservation

1. The same rate applicable to more than 4 year-old child.
2. Transportation and Interpreter are included in the program fee.
*Interpreting services for languages other than English are available upon request. (An additional fee is required.) 
3. A full charge is required for an observer. 
*Please contact us for details of the cancellation policy.
Any change of time or day will be subjected to cancellation policy.


わくわく館 Wakwak-kan

〒604-0812 京都市中京区高倉通り二条上る天守町761「わくわく館」
train:5 min-walk from Subway Karasuma Oike Stn, Exit No.7.
761 Tenshucho, Takakura-dori,Nijo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto, Japan 604-0812