Wakwak-kan Area map

Wakwak-kan is located in the Kyoto Imperial Palace area, in which high-rise condos and parking lots are getting increased.
Some old wooden buildings like Wakwak-kan remain between modern buildings.
This is a walk course including old and new spots such as the old palace and a museum of manga.


The building of Wakwak-kan was built around 1910. Formally, it was the residence of the sake producer which extends to the street at the back. (Sakaimachi st.)
Various features of the middle-class merchant’s machiya remain in the house.
Let’s get started the tour after culture activities!

Kyoto National Garden

Kyoto National Garden used to be a town with more than 140 residences of Imperial families and court people before the Meiji era when the capital had changed to Edo, the present day Tokyo.

After that these residences were removed, then this town was designated as a National park after the World War .

Currently, this park is loved by local people, having many huge trees over 100 years old and a variety of plants as well as wild birds. Cherry blossoms and plum flower viewing are recommended especially in spring season.



Admission free


This building was built about 200 years ago as a villa for the Kujo Family, one of five top court families engaged in the position of minister. It was a Sukiya style, one of Japanese architecture style based on the aesthetic concept in a tea room.

The Kujo pond garden and magnificent scene of eastern mountains can be seen from the tea room on the second floor.

Admission fee¥100
Open 9:00-15:30 on THU, FRI, SAT except the year-end holidays & May 15 & Oct 22.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

The old palace is located in the north-west part of Kyoto National Garden.

Visitors can see Seiryo-den that used to be a residence of the Emperor, Shishin-den, the old hall where the important ceremony took place, beautifully maintained pond garden and other buildings worthy to see.

Open9:00-16:30 on every day except Monday,
the year-end holidays and the imperial event days.
Free of charge.

Nakadachiuri Rest House

This is a restaurant as well as a free space opening to public, located across the west gate of the old palace. Take a break and have a meal at the outside table.

Some Kyoto-produced souvenir are also available.

Official websitehttp://nakadachiuri.jp

Kyoto International Manga Museum

This museum is located in the 100-year-old former elementary school and has a collection of more than 50,000 manga books of which visitors can read freely.

Several kinds of workshops such as how to make manga or draw a portrait and Japanese traditional picture story-show etc. are also held.

Admission Fee¥800/ adult,
¥300/ high and junior high school students,
¥100/ elementary school students
Open10:00-18:00 every day except on Wednesday.
Official websitehttps://www.kyotomm.jp/en/


This is an information center for Japanese scent passed on for over 1000 years from ancient times, produced by the long-established Japanese scent company.

Visitors can enjoy the difference of each scent derived from fragrant wood such as aquilaria, sandalwood on the 1st floor of the building. At the incense shop next to the center, not only incense sticks but also several kinds of scent-related goods are available to buy.

Admission free



train:5 min-walk from Subway Marutamachi  Stn, Exit No.7.