Hanayaka Kansai Forum


On March 27th of 2017, WAK JAPAN Co. was awarded the grand prize of “The 1st Hanayaka Kansai Miryoku Upward Award” from Hanayaka Kansai Forum, appreciating the WAK JAPAN’s project “Raising the Kyoto value for overseas wealthy class visitors and Providing the activity of traditional culture”.

Hanayaka Kansai Forum, organized by: Kansai Regional Federation, Kansai Municipality, Kansai Economic Federation, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, Kinki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai Region Foundation, JETRO Osaka, Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Osaka Branch, Osaka Customs, Kinki Regional Agricultural Administration Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kinki, Kinki District Transport Bureau, Kinki Regional Development Bureau. Chairman and Secretariat: Kansai Economic Federation

*Hanayaka Kansai is the concept to promote the attractiveness of entire Kansai region organized by Kansai Economic Federation and Union of Kansai Governments. It aims to enhance the level of recognition of Kansai among tourists both inside and outside Japan.