OISHII STREET-Kyoto everyday life-Kyoto Sanjokai Group Tour report


On Sunday, June 2, 2024, we guided 38 visitors from the United States to Kyoto Sanjo-kai Shopping Street. The group traveled from Hakone by bus in the morning, but showed no signs of exhaustion as they participated in the tour and enjoyed the local shopping street. Many stores in Sanjo-kai Shopping Street are usually closed on Sundays, but this time, thanks to the full support of the Promotion Association of Sanjo-kai, we were able to get the cooperation from 10 stores!

The group spent about two hours walking down the long shopping street, which stretches 800 meters from east to west and has over 180 stores, tasting some of  the delicious local gourmet food. Along the way, they stopped off at a shrine that is cherished by locals, learned about the history of the shopping street from the chairman of the promotion association. We believe that they experienced Everyday life in Kyoto through interactions with locals that you can’t get in other tourist areas.

Although they were hit by a sudden downpour at the end of the tour, thanks to the
arcade, they didn’t get wet and enjoyed the OISHII tour for the full two hours!


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